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Welcome to ntguilty. Clothing & Accessories For All the Amazing Women.

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How do ntguilty women
express their power?

Choose a piece that speaks to your heart, wear it with love
and give it your own personal meaning.

What is jewellry? For the world, it is a phenomenal decoration that attracts attention. For you, it is a form of expression.

It is a statement piece in which you carry your memories, dreams, and feelings.

I'm ready to stand in my power

Our manifesto

As women, we live our lives ntguilty. What does that mean?

We love ourselves just the way we are. Nothing more, nothing less. We value our life experience, and we choose what is important to us. We choose what we will tolerate and what we will not. We are authentically ourselves – we are real women with a voice. We stand strong, and make dreams come true. We are passionate, and know we are powerful creators. We create beauty within ourselves and the world around us. We raise each other up knowing that behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other badass women who have her back.

We are ntguilty.

The Fight

Let’s create a future without breast cancer.


Each of us know that in difficult times, we all need help, words of encouragement but most importantly emotional and financial support. Women suffering from breast cancer have to fight not only for their lives but also for their femininity.

This is why ntguilty actively supporting the Amazon Association.


We are all in. Are you?

Help us make a difference in the lives of women and the future of our daughters. 

Will you
join us?

By purchasing the necklace from “We are all beautiful collection” you are supporting other women in need and showing them they are not alone.
10% from each sale go to …. Amazon Association.

My hands.

My day.

My world.

Only for women.
Hand cream, pointing the right path of thinking

Check it out!

hand cream


Use it every day whenever you feel like it.


Phenomenally cares for your hands and strengthens self-esteem.

Active ingredient

Concentrated extract from " I am ntguilty" feeling

How to use it?
Without guilt

  • Smile
  • Apply hand cream
  • Feel the power of ntguilty.
  • I smile triumphantly. You are ready to face new challenge!

My morning

To be a woman

  • to stand in your power
  • to ditch the bullshit
  • to live as your truest self

call for action

call for action

It is us.
Women who live ntguilty.

We know how to love hard and fight for what we want.
We know how to grow and support each other.
We know how to ditch the bullshit and clearly communicate our opinion to the world.
We know how to accept our individuality in order to live authentically.

Join us today!


By standing strong and linking arms, together we can change the world.

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